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Ralph A Latham III

An intaglio and woodcut printmaker, I work out of my studio in Three Fathom Harbour. Over the last couple of years, I have expanded into milling my own wood and making rustic benches and side tables. 


When I was in my teens I became interested in printmaking after a friend showed me some of his etchings. I saw great possibility for creating in this planographic medium, which led me to Beal Art program in London, Ontario. From there I went on to obtain a BFA with a focus on printmaking at NSCAD, which provided me with a sound technical foundation.


After graduating from art college I began working at Wayne B. Millet’s Lumber Mill in Chester Grant, NS. It was a good situation because I had easy access to lumber for the camp a friend and I were building by a small river in the woods of Western Shore. An added bonus of the experience was gaining a real knowledge of and further appreciation for wood. Through those years I had the opportunity to travel and worked in open studios in Glasgow and Barcelona.


Landscapes have always been a preferred subject matter in my work because I enjoy the opportunity to portray the character and feeling the natural world offers. I find intrigue in subjects, objects and landscapes that stories can emerge from and I attempt to reflect the illusions of space and time in my compositions.


Art has the magical quality of allowing the artist to create illusions. Secrets can be found within the abstract of textures which are often beyond the intended subject. Printmaking and woodworking both encourage a level of reflection that can allow for unexpected gifts within a print or a piece. Sometimes, when the viewer changes or intensifies their focus, they will find that there is more to each piece than meets the eye.

Limited-edition prints are available at local Farmers Markets, as well as various local businesses. Check out the Contact Page for contact info and locations.

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